Professionals in data and telecom infrastructure

If you are looking for a partner who will take care of all the hasle involving ICT network infra, wired or wireless, DTS Retail BV is happy to support. If it's a one time job or a large project, we deal with it. We deliver the project not only with the highest quality, but also within time.

We also act as an intermediary between you and your telecom provider. DTS Retail BV can also assist you with regard to hardware rollout projects such as backoffice, POS or media equipment.


Hardwired network installations using cat.5/6 UTP/FTP cabling. Each network uplink is tested from outlet to patchpanel with pre-certifier equipment according to T568B standards.


Installing WIFI accespoints, client bridges, 4G (backup) routers etc. We are always aiming for the best RSSI using all kinds of antennas inside or outside the building.


Support partner for hardware rollout projects. Installing the physical POS, backoffice or media hardware as well as software and network implementation. We are also happy to assist you with the logistics and documentation of the project.

Charging solutions for Electric Vehicles (EV)

DTS Retail BV is a certified reseller and installation partner of EVBOX products.

With over 125,000 charging points across more than 70+ countries, EVBOX helps businesses and cities contribute to a future where everyday transport is emission-free.

Home line

Charging station for residential locations. It settles your charging costs with your employer and is the best driveway companion for leased electric car drivers.

Business line

Durable, scalable, and intelligent. BusinessLine charging stations are designed to make electrifying your business location easier than ever.

Public line

PublicLine charging stations are compatible with any grid network and ensure an energy efficient operation at all times.

Embedded soft- and hardware engineering

DutchEmbedded is a trade name of DTS retail BV.

With greatest care DutchEmbedded can develop both hardware and software for al kinds of embedded systems. We are looking forward to work with you on your next project from idea to our in-house production.

From idea...

Good communication and transparent agreements are the key to a successful end product.

To design...

Schematic diagrams and PCB's (printed circuit boards) are designed using CAD software. After debugging, gerber files are created for the manufacture of the first prototype.

To production!

After extensive testing and possible adjustments, the product can be assembled in-house using both SMD and through-hole technology.

Certifications and safety

We work according to the NEN-1010 guidelines. NEN-3140/VP and VCA-VOL certified.

bron: NEN

bron: VCA

EVBOX certified